Upcoming Updates of 09/2/15

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Upcoming Updates of 09/2/15

Post by Cody on Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:09 pm

Note: Some of these updates have been completed as of 09/2/15

Key - Done - Started - Not Started

Server Side:

  • Adjust Shops
    Teleporting System
    Redo Combat System
    Revamp weapon stats
    Add shops around Saradomin world
    Adjust shop prices
    Require membership for certain items
    Redirect Page on Server
    Deseret Treasure Quest FIXED
    Dung Tab fully working, Floors, and Complexity
    Dung Shop finally completed
    Quicker Prayers
    Clan setup
    Bank Tabs
    Completionist Cape requirements now added
    Ganodermic Armor
    Skilling information

Client Side:

  • FullScreen, Resizable, all tabs working correctly, all cache correctly
    Quick Prayers (Cache Side)
    Quick Prayers
    Clan setup
    Teleporting System
    Ganodermic armor added
    Skilling information


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